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    At Keen Roofing, we provide several services in the Kentucky Roofing market. Our estimators, project managers and installers are second to none! Weather working on a large commercial project, replacing your residential roof, or roofing your dream home. We stand dedicated in delivering quality work with superior customer service and committed warranties.

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    No one enjoys the day they pull into the driveway and notice black spots or streaks forming on their asphalt roof shingles. Most homeowners assume something has failed and the shingles surface granules have fallen off; fortunately, granule loss it's a myth common when investigating roof cleaning. 

    Most likely the Dark Green / Black Algae Roof Stains robbing your home of curb appeal are most pronounced on the North and East sides of your asphalt shingles. It's not dirt, and it's not random, your asphalt shingles are loaded with crushed limestone filler which is a nutrient source for gloeocapsa magma a hardy green blue form of roof algae that uses the nutrients in your shingles, moisture from rain and sunlight to grow and spread and that's why your shingles are turning black. The roof algae (often called roof mold) is spread by wind and animals and can't be prevented. But luckily professional quality roof mold removal products exist. You don't need to replace your shingles if roof stains just appeared but you do need to clean the shingles. 


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